Fabric and Color Chart

We offer a wide array of colors in the following fabrics. If you do not see your desired color, ask us to dye the fabric for you. We are happy to help you with your color and fabric decision-making process.
Note: Please be aware that colors may vary due to differences in varying monitors.

In addition to the following selection, we offer the service of utilizing your fabric. This will aide in your ability to see the fabric first hand before construction begins. We suggest purchasing 1.5 yards of fabric for a bodice and basque at 45" - 60" wide, per tutu. If we construct a "Russian Styled" bodice (bodice with basque all in one), then we suggest 1.25 yards at 45" - 60" wide per tutu. You will need up to 2.5 yards of fabric for a men's tunic.

Please send the original receipt with your fabric and we will deduct the cost of your fabric (up to $30.00 ea.) from the price of your tutu or tunic. Please note that we are using your fabric in the "Notes" section of the "Order Form Worksheet" when placing your order so that we honor the fabric price deduction on your invoice.

An element that will further enhance the design of your Tutu Etoile costume is the use of different colored layers of net or tulle in your tutus or contrasting fabrics such as bengaline with brocade in different areas of your bodice or tunic. Please see the styles offered to know where you can make fabric or color changes to your Bodices and Tunics.

In addition, we offer contrast piping in the front seams of your bodices and the front and back seams of your tunics at an extra charge of $10.00 - $20.00

Click on any of the fabric names below to see more information and available colors (remember, we can dye the fabric if you don't see the color you need.